Aug 7, 2013

More Diva Pictures - and How to Video for headpiece

I created a Video about how I made the Diva Headpiece.

I also found more pictures of me in the costume!

Jun 26, 2013

Selling the Diva Costume

After having a baby in 2011 and now that I am pregnant with my second child (Due 12/25/2013) -- I have come to accept I will not be able to wear my Diva Costume again. 

I am going to sell it.

It's been hanging in my closet for years and should really be "rocked" by someone at a con.

I am 5 feet 6 inches tall and wore three inch platform shoes under the costume.

I was between size 14 and 16 when I made this - and made it to form fit me in a corset.
A skilled seamstress should be able to alter it.

 The Fabric is Joann Fabric's Casa Collection Glitter Satin in CORNFLOWER.

 On sale for 5.99 a yard online right now...  I bought it for 9.99 a yard and used... a lot.

Ooo!  I see they have a "Stretch Satin" now too that might give the more rubbery skin-tight look that the costume needs!  I wish I had time to sew!

Heck you can buy the costume and use it as a template to make more like it -- or for parts.

I don't even have a sewing machine any more. :(



Jun 3, 2011

Cheetara Boot update

The awesome boot I used for my Cheetara Costume was an Orange version of the Minnetonka Women's 1422 Front Lace Knee-High Boot

It turns out that dyeing suede is WAY easier then I would have ever guessed!

My Orange version of these boots were damaged by... my cat taking  I was feeling really upset!

I was so sad.  I loved my Boots and finding them in orange was imposible!

But I wanted to get a new pair anyway so I got the pair above and used a orange dye to get the result I never thought possible!

Now I am thinking about getting a pair of these boot and doing the same treatment to the lowers.

Because really they are Orange with a YELLOW Cuff.  I hope that these boots are light enought that the yellow works on the top...     it will be an okay experiment,  they are like $30 so it isn;t like the gamble on the $60 Minnietonkas

Oct 16, 2009

I Love We Love Colors(tm)!!!!

Holy Cow! I am so PUMPED!!!

As you know, Halloween is my FAVORITE Holiday. I take my costumes very seriously and do my best to ROCK them. ;)

This Year I am going as The Diva Plavalaguna from the 5th Element. I debuted this costume at ACen, and might rock it at Madison's "Geek Kon"... we will see. ;)

There is also a company wide costume contest at my work, and I really hope I win it.... but we will see. ;)

Anyway! To the title of this post.

There is a great website called "We Love Colors" that has OVER 50 colors of tights, leotards, gloves, socks, etc... that make my costumes the best!!! The colors match and ROCK!! Totally worth checking out. :)

I used their products as the base of my Cheetara Costume:

Click here to see the details on how to make this costume.

They also SAVED MY BUTT when it came to my with my Diva costume!!!

5th ELement Diva Plavalaguna Halloween Costume

I contacted all the bridal stores in my state, then online who boasted about thier glove colors.

NO one could match gloves to the shade of blue of my costume. I did not want to have my HANDS painted blue! Then I suddenly remembered: We Love Colors!

I ordered the colors that looked closest, and the arrived so fast!!! And one pair was a PERFECT MATCH!!!!!!!

Like The Cheetara costume, I glued fake nails to gloves for my hands. It was SOOOOOOoo wonderful!

Anyway, I was contacted by a staff memeber from We Love Colors about how cool my costumes are that use their products and was informed about a Costume Contest they are doing!

I totally plan to submit my Cheetara costume! :-D It is internet voting, so once I know where the link is, I will post that.

YEA! IT is also most Hlloween!

I am not sure if you have your costume picked out yet, but maybe you will get inspired by all the colors and styles We Love Colors they have to offer!

May 12, 2009

ACen 2009 Pictures!

Kateky┼Ź Hitman Reborn!

J Rockers

Final Fantasy


Monsters: Tonberry and Carbuncle


Squall Leonhart from FF8

Another Squall Leonhart from FF8

Edea attacks!

Lulu - Final Fantasy X


Ritsuka's Teacher, Shinonome Hitomi

Hitomi Shinonome , Ristuka Aoyagi and Soubi Agatsuma

Another Soubi!!

Ouran High School Host Club

Front: Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka
Back: Umehito Nekozawa, President of the Dark Magic Club (with Beelzenef!)

Kaoru Hitachiin and Tamaki Suoh

Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin

Tamaki Suoh and Kyoya Ootori

Ranma 1/2

Ukyo Kuonji

Ukyo Kuonji

Ukyo Kuonji

Silver Diamond

Chigusa Senrou, Rakan Sawa, and Narushige Shigeka (with Ko)

Chigusa Senrou

Chigusa Senrou

Narushige Shigeka and Ko (in tree)

Chigusa Senrou

Princess Princess

Mikoto Yutaka, Toru Kouno, and Yuujiro Shihoudani


Kakashi Hatake

Batman Villains

The Penguin, The Joker, Poison Ivy, Two-Face, and The Mad Hatter

Edward Scissorhands

Sailor Moon

Black Lady and Chibiusa

Resident Evil

Soul Eater

Stein with Chair

Sackboy from Little Big Planet and Faust from Guilty Gears

Katamari Cousin


Howl's Moving Castle